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The founders of the Karimjee Jivanjee family, namely Hassanali (1872), Mohamedali (1876) and Yusufali (1882) were pioneers in public charity. There are some early examples of charitable donations in Bombay and Karachi in 1929, however the earliest example of public charity was in 1930 when Yusufali made a donation to build a maternity home in Zanzibar and Tayabali made a donation to build a hospital in Zanzibar. The main charity trusts were established in 1940 when they built schools, mosques and community centres in Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

During the 1950s the charitable projects increased and included libraries, hospitals, clinics, schools, community centres, social clubs and scholarships for higher education. The most significant donation was the Karimjee Hall that was handed over to the Dar es Salaam Municipal Council in 1955. It later became the seat of the first Parliament of Tanganyika. At this time the family agreed to set aside 5% of profits annually to the charity foundations The total contribution is estimated to be US $10 million to date.

Tanzania: Karimjee Jivanjee Foundation

In 2000 the activities of the trusts were revived and by 2010 the myriad trusts were combined into a centralised Karimjee Jivanjee Foundation (KJF). The new Foundation is funded by profits from Toyota Tanzania, a wholly owned Karimjee family business, and managed by a younger generation of family members.

The core mission of KJF is education. This is through scholarships to Tanzanians to study in Tanzania and provide assistance to schools to improve facilities. In 2016 more than 50 students received scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies. New initiatives were introduced to give scholarships to science students through the Young Scientists Award Scheme. Specialised scholarships were given for MSc in Paediatric Oncology and also MSc in Conservation Management of African Ecosystems.

The budget of KJF is currently US $300,000 per annum. KJF is chaired by Hatim Karimjee. and Mahmood Karimjee and Vinoo Somaia serve on the Board of Trustees.

Kenya: Sir Yusufali Charitable Trust

Sir Yusufali Karimjee acquired the Yusufali Trust building on Moi Avenue in Mombasa in the 1940s with the mission to give charitable donations to worthy causes in Kenya. This Trust is healthy and still continues its valuable mission.

The income of the Trust is about US $100,000 per annum of which US $70,000 is given to charity after deduction of building maintenance and management expenses. The majority of this expenditure is on education and the Trust currently educates about 100 students. The rest of the donations go to medical, religious and other community needs. The Trust is managed by Mombasa-based Trustees. The Chair of SYCT has been Musti Mamujee since 2013 and he recently handed over the Chair to Paraag Devani on 1st January 2017. Musti continues to serve on the Board.